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Sagemax - High esthetics with the new NexxZr + Multi 2.0 disc Infodent International

Sagemax is introducing a new addition to its zirconia portfolio: the new NexxZr+ Multi 2.0 disc. The successor product of the highly esthetic NexxZr+ Multi disc convinces...

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Dental Expert Discusses Smokings Oral Impact on World No Tobacco Day Dental News

Friday 31st of May is ‘World No Tobacco Day’, an annual event organised by the World Health Organisation, which aims to inform the public of the dangers of smoking and us...

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Quite a few periodontal surgical interventions could be avoided Dental News

Over 20 years of the Vector method: since 1999, this technique has been used to treat periodontal diseases with the aid of ultrasound – using a low-pain therapy that focu...

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